Birthday in the Bush!

Today I have celebrated my fiftieth birthday with a morning drive in the reserve (I am still learning the roads :-).

On the drive I ran into this Elephant bull at a small waterhole. He just had finished a “muddy”-bath and was resting from his labors. Looking at his size he could be my age, another gentleman in his best years!

On the same drive I took the picture of an African Hoopoe (picture below).

In the early afternoon I had an excellent massage at Thanda’s beautiful spa and then a relaxing break at one of the guest rooms (called villas, a much better name for those luxurious rooms), where I will also spend my birthday night. I am sitting in the lounge now writing this blog message. Dinner is soon to be served, and I am looking forward to it. The picture below shows the small pool and the the “day-bed in the trees” of my villa.

A quiet birthday in the African Bush with many good wishes from all over the world, a great way to turn fifty!

Thanks for all the birthday calls and messages!