My Workplace :-)

No blog yesterday!

I was very busy all day and we had a bush dinner which lasted until late in the evening. So I went straight to bed with no blogging 🙂

This weekend I will be helping out in the Lodge driving guests for tonight and tomorrow. Another bush dinner and another late night!

This morning a did a short drive with two 11-year-old kids, the daughter of one of the Thanda managers and one of her friends. We enjoyed our drive with Buffalos, general game and many birds. The two youngster especially enjoyed the rough ride of the Land Rover through some drainage lines :-).

Quite a few people have asked me about my workplace. So here is a picture of my Land Rover “cockpit” with my cameras, binoculars, GPS navigation system, bean bags and my accessory box between the seats. There is also room for my little notebook in which I take down all important sightings of each game drive.