A working day in the bush!

How does the average working day of a Special Photography Guide, Photography Teacher and Wildlife Photographer at Thanda Private Game Reserve look like?

My (winter-)day starts at 5:00am. I prepare my Land Rover for the day and I leave Thanda House at 5:45am to drive to the Intebane Camp to pick up the African Impact Volunteers. The drive to the camp takes about 25 minutes. In the cool winter month I am fully awake by the time I arrive at the camp (as the car has neither roof nor windows – a chilly affair).

At 6:30am we leave for game drive and return at 9:30am back to the camp for breakfast. After a few pieces of toast I usually drive back to Thanda House. Until lunch time I work in my office on the computer (picture and video editing, email, …). Sometimes I give lessons for guests either at the Thanda Lodge or the Thanda Tented Camp or sometimes I bring my Land Rover to the workshop.

For lunch I go either to the canteen (a 10 minute drive if there are no “Elephant road blocks”) or I have something small at my place at Thanda House.

In the afternoon I either continue my work in the office or I go out to drive on the reserve to take pictures by myself (and am still learning the road system :-). At 3:00pm I have to be back at the Intebane Camp for the evening game drive. We return at 6:00pm just in time for dinner. From time to time I drive to the local pub (called “Baobab”) or to the Mukze Cricket Club for a good steak 🙂

After dinner I return to Thanda House and usually end up back in my office for picture editing and blogging (like for this one :-). After a quick shower I am usually in bed by 9:30pm.

In the summer month the schedule will change a lot as we go out earlier on drive and return later. I probably will have to add a “lunch siesta in the bush” not to end up with sleep depravation.

On the weekends I either drive myself on the reserve for wildlife photography or I go to one of the neighboring Public Game Reserves to take pictures and videos. Occasionally I help out on weekends as guide at the Lodge or at the Tented Camp and teach photography if requested.

If love photogaphy, I love teaching and I love the wildlife in its natural environment. I am home 🙂 and I love my work!

PS: I thought I add one of my favorite Zebra pictures to the blog message for the animal lovers that are not interested in my working day 🙂