Morning Drink Stop

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We had a great game drive this morning. After tracking for less than half an hour we found the breeding herd of Elephants feeding in thick bush. We watched them crossing the road in front of us and thought they might go to drink at a nearby waterhole.

And we were right. The whole herd was having a drink. The first picture shows the Thanda matriarch (she has no tusks) with another adult cow, one older calf and the two youngest members of the herd.

The next picture shows one of our oldest bulls drinking (he is currently in musth as indicated by the back legs wet from dribbling urine and the running glands on his head).

20130227 - CS2_4301 - E

The third picture shows him on the opposite side of the waterhole (I prefer this distance for a musth bull 🙂

20130227 - CS2_4341 - E - SIG

The herd is very protective of their young. In the last picture you can see on of the little ones “disappearing” between the females.

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We finished off this Thanda morning game drive with coffee and cookies in the bush!

Outside the house!

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When I lived in the USA and in Europe I used to see children playing outside my front door, I saw joggers on their morning runs and dog owners out on a stroll. Occasionally a car came by and if I was very lucky when I got to see a bird from time to time.

My front door view has changed 🙂

I regularly see Giraffe, Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos and many different other species around the house. Today the Thanda North Pride of Lions walked by the garden fence.

I saw the young mother with her cubs and our juvenile male at the fence. The other four Lions were already resting under a Fever Tree near by.

What a place to live!

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Valley and Hill

20130224 - CS2_3473 - E - SIG

This Praying Mantis moved from a valley to a mountain. Can anyone guess where on Thanda this “landscape” is located 🙂 ?


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Today’s images shows the impact of the very heavy summer rains this season. The grass on the Thanda savanna is so high that even Buffalo are difficult to spot.

At the end of an eventful game drive the herd of Cape Buffalo moved towards a waterhole.

I am big and you better leave!

20130221 - CS2_2933 - E - SIG

On today’s game drive I had positioned my vehicle parallel to the path which the Thanda breeding herd of Elephant took across an open Fever Tree area.

This young bull did not like my parking spot and displayed his displeasure with various “Big Elephant Warning Signs”. When he realized that I did not move and that non of the adult Elephants came to his aid he shock his head one last time and moved on with the herd.

The Thanda guests enjoyed the “I am a big Elephant” show 🙂

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Moonlight, again!

20130219 - Collage 2140 -  E - SIG

It seems to be a moonlight week. While I was waiting for my guests to be finished with bush dinner I watched the moon and the stars. I took these two – very different – images of the moon 🙂

Magic Moment!

20130217 - CS2_2450 - E - SIG

After a game drive with excellent Giraffe, Lion, Rhino and Hyena sightings we made our way back to the Lodge when the sun had set and the moon was providing the illumination.

This picture is by no means perfect. It is a freehand shot with very little light. But it represents the magic moment experienced by the Thanda guests – seeing a Giraffe moving soundless under the moon.

The Magic of Africa!

PS: For the photographers among you: f/5.6 – 1.6sec – ISO 1600 – 35mm – no support

More …

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I have been asked by many of my blog readers if I could have more of my wildlife images online.  Well, I have uploaded over 380 images which I took since my arrival in South Africa in June 2012. I will add new images every month and the new images will always be at the beginning of the gallery.

Here is the link to the new 2012/2013 New Wildlife Images Gallery :

Enjoy your weekend!

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