Pelican and Co.

20130203 - CS3_8633 - E - SIG

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Mkuze Game Reserve. My main aim was to get some good bird pictures. The day was not as productive as a Winter’s day at Mkuze but I got some images of Pelicans, Bee-eaters, a Sparrowhawk, an Ibis and a small Crocodile. Not bad for a hot morning!

Especially during the Winter month Mkuze is one of the best birding places in Kwazulu Natal. It is only 45 minutes from Thanda and always worth-while an excursion.

20130203 - CS3_8687 - E - SIG

Pink-backed Pelican

20130203 - CS3_8442 - E - SIG

Black Sparrowhawk

20130203 - CS3_8789 - E - SIG

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

20130203 - CS3_8803 - E - SIG

Hadeda Ibis

20130203 - CS1_9397 - E - SIG

Nile Crocodile