Prickly Pear

20130331 - CS2_8322 - E - SIG

This youngster of Thanda’s herd of Elephant was trying to use his trunk to get a fruit of the Prickly Pear, but he did not succeed.

We watched the little one for quite a while as he was trying to imitate his mum and his older sibling.

A beautiful sighting in the morning sun!

20130331 - CS2_8317 - E ISG

Down the Road!

20130330 - CS2_8162 - E - SIG

When we left the Thanda Lodge this evening we spotted this Leopard walking down the road. What a start to a game drive!

PS: I will never again complain about my Leopard sightings in Kwazulu Natal. I was very lucky lately 🙂

Always carry …

… not a gun, but a point and shoot camera.

20130325 - P1020621 - E - SIG

This young female Leopard was standing in the road when I drove towards the Thanda Royal Private Villa. She was curious and waited for me to get closer. She then turned around and walked in front of me for a while before she disappeared  into the bush.

I was glad that I always have a point and shoot camera with me, so I got some pictures. Not the greatest quality, but it is evidence 🙂

What a sighting!

… and here is a short video of the young Leopard :

Welcome home!

20130323 - CS2_6609 - E - SIG

The Thanda guests on today’s evening game drive were a bit intimidated and very impressed, but really loved the encounter with one of our two 40-45 year old Elephant bulls.

He gave me a few head shakes as a greeting after my absence on a trails guiding course. What a welcome!

Heavy Mating and Fishing!

While I was in the Lowveld for my training course I spent a few hours at Lake Panic in the Kruger National Park.

Besides many good bird shots I took a series of pictures of mating Hippos. Because of their size/weight they mate in the water. For most of the mating time one sees only the male but in the quite lengthy process the female occasionally surfaces to get some air.

20130321 - CS3_0375 - E - SIG


20130321 - CS3_0389 - E - SIG

My favorite lake panic bird picture is of a Malachite Kingfisher returning from fishing. I also got images of a Brown-hooded Kingfisher, a Woodland Kingfisher and a Pied Kingfisher. A good Kingfisher day!

20130321 - CS3_0420 - E - SIG


20130321 - Collage 2011 - SIG

On the way to Lake Panic I passed the Sabi River. This Elephant bull almost disappeared in the high grass along the river bank.

20130321 - CS3_0038 - E - SIG

I enjoyed the Sabi Sands, Kruger and Lake Panic!

… and I am back home at Thanda 🙂 …

Hot Walks!

The last few days were very hot and our walks in the morning and in the evening were very exhausting. We had a few animal encounters, but not as many as we hoped for. Even the animals thought is was to hot to be out and about.

During these hot days they spend their time in drainage lines and in thick bush. It is too dangerous to walk these areas so most of our encounters were around waterholes. Rhinos, Buffalo bulls and Elephant bulls.

Yesterday we got a special treat when we went on a short game drive in the middle of the day to observe two Leopards. The female was keen to mate and she tried to “engage” the young male, but he was not interested. So we had a lot of growling in long grass but no action 🙂

Here are two pictures of the Leopards and an image of a young Elephant bull feeding next to my tent.

20130319 - CS2_6506 - E - SIGYoung males Leopard

20130319 - CS2_6481 - E - SIGFemale Leopard

20130319 - CS2_6384 - E - SIG
A young bull behind my tent

Lion’s View

20130316 - P1020498 - E

If you ever wondered what a Lion sees from a shady spot under a tree. Here is one possible answer: A group of Humans walking by :-)……..  I am sure that we walk quite often through the high grass and do not even know who spots us.

On our walks over the last two days we saw a few Cape Buffalo and an Elephant bull.

20130316 - P1020526 - E

When I arrived at the camp two days ago this Bull was greeting me with a good head shake.

20130316 - CS2_6345 - E

Sabi Sands


I seldom take pictures on my iPad but I thought I quickly show you my “home away from home” for the next two weeks.

This is the view from my tent at the African Nature Training ANT camp at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. I am looking forward to eight days of walking in the bush 🙂

PS: … And as you can see the web connection works so I will provide some “walk blogs”.


Giving me the “look”!

20130307 - Collage 1959

Today’s pictures are of a Nile Crocodile and of a Hippo on Lake St.Lucia. They were both giving me a “sharp look”. I was glad that I was not in the water. These pictures were taken from a boat.

Well, this will be the last post for a little while. I will be in Pretoria for two days and then I am off to the Sabi Sands for another week of trails guiding contact sessions (with Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalo and Rhinos :-)).

If I have internet connection I will keep you updated during this time. If not, you will hear from me again on 23 March!

And more …

20130226 - CS2_4098 - E BW - SIG - 2

I have added 169 new images to my “New Wildlife Images” Gallery. (The new images are at the beginning of the gallery),

Here is the link:

Have a good week!

PS: The picture above is a b&w art image of a Zebra with the sun lighting it from behind.