Don Giovanni - Zurich - 20130527Well, this is not a blog about wildlife, but quite a few people have asked me what I am doing during my vacation in Germany and Switzerland. So, here is a short update:

Today I went to the premiere of Mozart’s Don Giovanni at the opera house in Zurich, Switzerland (see picture collage). It was a very modern interpretation. Half of the audience enjoyed the 3.5 hour opera and half of them “buuuhhh-ed” at the end. I was part of the first group 🙂
For more info about the opera go to 
The singing was superb, no matter how one thought about the staging and acting!

Besides getting a good rest and reading a lot, I am having lots of lunches and dinners with family and friends. I will also visit the Basel Zoo, the Zurich Zoo and the Wildlife Park in Arth Goldau (not to be without animals for too long 🙂

Watch out for more vacation blogs!

PS: I will be back at work on Thanda on 10 June 2013

3 Replies to “Contrast”

  1. We saw DG in the Prague OH, where it originally debuted. Traditional, I’m sure, and spectacular. A simple solution is available to those who don’t like deviations from orthodoxy….:-)

  2. The building is beautiful. Visiting Germany is on my bucket list. Hope you continue to have a restful and beauitful vacation! Stay safe.

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. Germany, Switzerland and France are certainly worth visiting. The building in the picture is the opera house in Zurich, Switzerland. Best regards – Christian

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