Morning Walk with Mum!

20130623 - CS1_0813 - E - SIG

Thanda’s three month old Cheetah cubs were on a early morning walk down the road with their mum and the Thanda guests had a good look at them.

When the cubs are this young we do not view them “off-road” so this was a very special treat not only for the guests, but also for all trackers and guides who got to see them that morning.

20130623 - CS1_0840 - E - THANDA - FACEBOOK

Cold Sunrise!

20130619 - CS1_9879 - E - SIG

When I left Thanda at sunrise our two male Cheetah walked directly towards me. In this picture the “visible” Cheetah’s breath is a sign for a cold winter’s morning in Kwazulu Natal.

I spent an enjoyable day at a hide in Mkuze Game Reserve and I will post a few of today’s images in the near future :-).

… and thanks for all the kind birthday wishes!

20130619 - CS1_9843 - E - SIG

A Bloody Portrait!

20130617 - CS2_2258 - E - SIG

Literally! – This is a portrait of a Cape Hunting Dog which was taken when the pack was feeding on a kill. The face of the dog was still wet from the Wildebeest’s blood.

Giant Pictures

20121119 - CS2_0597 - E - THANDA

When one is taking close-up pictures of two male Elephants sparring it feels a bit like taking pictures of two giants. In this case the two young bulls were close enough to merit the use of a wide angle lens which is not used too often for wildlife photography :-).

The Thanda guests on my vehicle and on the vehicle in the picture enjoyed this action-filled sighting.