Almost back!

I will be leaving for South Africa tomorrow evening, so I thought I post a few of the animal images I took at the Zurich Zoo. I have also included a picture of a stag which I took in a small local deer park.

I enjoyed my vacation in Europe – even if it was very cold and wet – and now I am looking forward to going back to the African bush 🙂

20130603 - CS3_0360 - E 1Oriental Short-clawed Otter

20130603 - CS3_0369 - E 1

20130603 - CS3_0377 - E 1Indian Lion

20130603 - CS3_0500 - E 1Red Phanda

20130603 - CS3_0504 - E 1Egyptian Vulture

20130603 - CS3_0622 - EPanther Chameleon

20130603 - CS3_0638 - E 3Red Deer Stag