Today I have spent my first day at Ithala Game Reserve in the North of Kwazulu Natal. Ithala is a beautiful mountainous reserve with many interesting tracks. I will spend three days of my off-time here.

Next to regular roads Ithala has some interesting 4×4 trails. Some of them are rather rocky and very challenging (Inclines for first gear low with center and back diff set). My Toyota Fortuner mastered the steepest one very well.

This image was taken after the ascent from top of the mountain …

20130725 - CS3_4715 - E - SIG

… Once back in the plains I took this image of a male Giraffe at sunset …

20130725 - CS1_9817 - E - SIG

… and just after sunset I encountered this male Ostrich along the road.

20130725 - CS2_2946 - E - SIG

I also saw White Rhino, Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu and many different bird species.

A good first day!