Amazing Elephants

20130831 - CS3_6690 - E - SIG

Today’s Elephant sighting on Thanda was one of my best sightings ever.

We watched the Thanda breeding herd of Elephant and a few bulls for a long time. These amazing creatures ignored us while they were feeding and sparring around us.

There will be more posts from this sighting – too many great images for just one message 🙂

This first image is of one of the largest bulls on Thanda.


20130817 - Collage 1616 B

To celebrate an unforgettable destination wedding Thanda Private Game Reserve is one of the most beautiful venues in the world. Brides and Grooms from all over the world have chosen to say YES under one of Thanda’s magnificent Marula trees.

But there are various visitors at the wedding sites!

The first picture was taken at the most recent wedding ceremony held on a hill-top under a Marula tree. The second picture shows a crash of White Rhino at the same place, luckily not on the same day 🙂

For more information on Thanda weddings contact

Mami, not so fast!

20130829 - CS3_6147 - E - SIG

One of the youngest Thanda Elephants had to move fast to catch up with its mum. We had an excellent sighting this evening when the breeding herd crossed the road right in front of our vehicles.

Five of the Thanda bull were trailing the herd. The two young bulls in the picture below gave us a good look before they moved on.

20130829 - CS3_6193 - E - SIG

Bheki’s Bush Talks: A Bush Tooth Brush!

20130820 - CS3_5025 - E - 16x9


Bheki Ngubane, one of the most experienced trackers on Thanda Private Game Reserve, explains in this short video how to make a bush tooth brush and tooth paste from a Blue Quary Bush. Looking at Bheki’s white teeth the method works :-)!

This is a first video clip in a new series called Bheki’s bush talks, in which Bheki will reveal some of the traditional Zulu ways of using nature’s products.

Bheki and I are working together as a guiding team on Thanda Private Game Reserve since September 2012.

I can see it!

20130823 - CS2_1457 - E - SIG

“Mami, Mami – I can see it – I can see it – move faster, pleeeease!”

Well, this little Baboon was standing up on his hind legs to get a first glimpse of the waterhole, which he and his mum were approaching.

I thought the quote above would be what he would tell his mum if he could speak 🙂

Have a good week!

Young Guests

20130818 - IMG_2484 - E - SIG

This is a picture of three of the youngest guests at Thanda’s Villa iZulu and myself. I was teaching them about nature and wildlife on a Sunday morning.

Kids of all ages are welcome at Thanda Private Game Reserve – for more information go to

BIRDS – Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

20130822 - CS2_1258 - E - SIG

For the many bird lovers among my blog audience I am starting a new posts series. The first image is of two Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, small doves with beautiful emerald-colored markings on their wings.

I am planning to post at least one special bird image per week.