Angry under the sun!

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When this young Lioness saw Thanda’s dominant male approaching she got very upset. She started growling in his direction and her four cubs ran for cover. She then prevented the male from following the cubs by blocking his way.

All of this happened under a beautiful morning sky with a colorful rainbow. What a sighting!

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Sit still, watch and learn!

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These young Lions were sitting still and watching their mother, aunts and older sister going off hunting.

The guest on my vehicle were very exited when the complete Thanda North Pride moved around the car towards their prey. The Lions just came from a meal – judging from their reddish fur – but they were looking for a second course. As long as we watched them they were not successful. Better luck the next time!

World Rhino Day!

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Today is Wold Rhino Day – This is a chance to raise awareness and support for these prehistoric creatures. Over 600 rhinos have been killed this year in South Africa alone, that is more than 2 each day!

The Thanda Foundation is a founding member of Project Rhino Kwazulu Natal, an organization dedicated to the fight for Rhino survival.

Please show your support by sharing this message and/or by actively supporting Project Rhino ( Thank you!

Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

Fight for Rhinos

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Africa has lost more than 100,000 Rhinos in the past 45 years – Over 2,000 Rhinos have been killed by poachers in South Africa since 2008 – Over 600 this year alone.

The Thanda Foundation is a founding member of Project Rhino Kwazulu Natal, an organization dedicated to the fight for Rhino survival.

Show your support during this official Rhino Week by sharing this message and/or by actively supporting Project Rhino ( Thank you!

Today’s Rhino Image: A crash of Square-lipped Rhinoceros (White Rhino) is crossing a road on Thanda.

She loves birds!

The face of Lions change completely if they are looking up at the sky and follow birds.

20130904 - CS3_7856 - E - SIG

One of the Thanda guests on my vehicle suggested that this Lioness must really love birds – I am sure she does 🙂

Water and Mud!

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Watch Thanda’s herd of Elephants having a bath at Mgankla Dam. The Thanda guests enjoyed observing these gentle giants playing with Water and Mud!


Let’s have a drink together!

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We are very grateful at Thanda for last summer’s heavy rain falls, which have ensured that our main waterholes still have water for our animals at the end of this winter (dry season).

Thanda guests enjoyed watching our two largest Elephant bulls having a drink together at one of largest dams. Last year at the same time this “bar” would have been closed already for the rest of the winter 🙂

Working together …

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To help and protect Rhinos and other species on  the reserve, Thanda Private Game Reserve is working together with WILDCON Safaris and Events –

WILDCON provides the funding for conservation events. In this darting operation a young male Square-lidded Rhinoceros is being marked for identification, DNA sample are being collected and a complete health check is performed.

WILDCON’s clients actively participate in such operations and become an active part of wildlife conservation. Their involvement makes these operations possible.

If you are interested to participate in a Thanda Conservation Event contact

BIRDS – Brown-hooded Kingfisher

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One of the Thanda guests was very surprised when this Brown-hooded Kingfisher did not fly off when we approach but kept sitting on its branch almost to “touching-distance”.

These small birds are usually not to tolerant to vehicle approaches, but this specimen did not care. Thanks for the great photo opportunity :-).

Experience and Youth!

20130904 - CS3_7899 - E - SIG

When this Lion mum was watching a few approaching Zebras she was “frozen” whenever the Zebras looked in her direction. Her daughter imitated mum and was very still as well. Her brother on the other hand was moving around behind them and alarmed the Zebras. Boys will be boys – No dinner this time!

The Thanda guests on my vehicle enjoyed this display of experience and youth!