What a view!

20140131 - CS1_9142 - E - THANDA

These two young Elephant bulls were sparring in the valley just below the Thanda Tented Camp. This interesting scene could not only be observed by the Thanda guests from a game viewing vehicle but also from The Sala, a covered observation deck, on the edge of the camp.

The Sala is a great place to spend some relaxing time between game drives. With a bit of luck – and the use of binoculars – it is possible to spot wildlife in the valley and the waterhole below, as well as birds in the surrounding trees.

For more information about the Thanda Tented Camp go to http://www.thanda.com/rooms/tented-camp/thanda-tented-camp.htm

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Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

Location, Location …

20140204 - CS1_9755 - E - THANDA

As we were watching a male and a female Lion at a Waterhole they both got up and started walking between two game drive vehicles. In front of the astonished Thanda guests they started mating. A common procedure in a not so common place. I was about 2 meters (10 feet) from the Lions when I took the picture – In the right place at the right time 🙂

20140204 - CS1_9748 - E - THANDA

What an evening!

20140204 - CS1_9738 - E - THANDA

Birds, Birds, Birds!


Thanda Birds

Thanda hosts hundreds of bird species. Many of them are seen regularly on game drive, other are rare guests, and some of them are only here during the summer.

Bheki Ngubane – one of Thanda’s expert trackers – is also a very experienced birding guide. His ability to identify birds by their call impresses many guests greatly. And he is able to call many of them by imitating their call. With his help I was able to assemble the THANDA BIRDS photo gallery on the new Thanda website. It contains images of over ninety different species – with more to come …

Have a look at http://www.thanda.com/photos.htm#176105

Thanda Birds 2

Follow me!

20140201 - CS2_7493 - E - SIG

Warthogs look funny when they run. And small Warthog are even more hilarious.

“Follow me signs up, and off they go!”

Enjoy the image – Have a good weekend!