“Lions hands-on” guest experience

20140403 - CS2_5793 - E

Well, we finally captured our two young male Lions. After a few weeks hard work for all of us, Mike Toft, our veterinarian for this project, was able to dart both of them. They had to stay for three days in a boma (a large fenced in area to hold animals) for Mike to conclude blood tests for various diseases, which came all back negative = disease free Lions :-).

When the final day for their trip to the new home arrived 12 of Thanda’s guests were able to participate in a amazing “Lions hands-on” guest experience.

This is a picture record of  this large cat departure!

20140403 - CS1_5726 - EThe two boys ready for departure – Their faces show apprehension for the somewhat uncomfortable procedures ahead. 

20140403 - CS0_0947 - EMike darting the first male in the boma. The other one was very upset about this and took quite a while before the vet was…

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