Three friends …

With the help of three of my best friends in Nashville – Irene, Heather and Rick – I got some incredible images at the Nashville Zoo.

Collage 1 and 2 – Rick Schwartz, President of the Nashville Zoo, and I during a recent snake photo shoot. The model was Rick’s favorite snake, a Boelen’s Python (see also yesterday’s blog message at

The images in the third collage were taken during a back stage tour with Heather Robertson, Senior Veterinarian at the Nashville Zoo.

Irene Archambault, my host during my stay in Nashville, took the pictures in the first two collages. Heather and Rick took the picture in the third collage. So for once I am in all the pictures 🙂

Thanks for a great stay to all my good friends in Nashville!
20140614 - IA0_1758 - ECollage 120140614 - IA0_1759Collage 2

20140605 - CS0_2106 - ECollage 3