Lion Family Life!

During this morning’s drive we spotted a Lioness with her small cubs along the road. She was leading us directly to a Wildebeest kill. The Lions had taken down the antelope only a few minutes before we arrived.

We observed the two Lionesses and their six cubs (three cubs approx 1.5 month old and three cubs approx 2.5 month old) while they had their relaxed meal. The little ones were eating and playing at the same time.

The cubs’ dad, Thanda’s dominant male, had obviously eaten before. He had a full belly and just watched his family having their feast. After a while he joined them without feeding, just to play with the kids 🙂

Warren Beets – Thanda’s Reserve Manager – was with me on the vehicle and as he had the better view from his position he operated the camera from time to time – Great job!

Lion Family Life – Enjoy the pictures!

20140703 - CS1_0246 - EMum and her three cubs

20140703 - CS1_0316 - EAn anxious look

20140703 - CS1_0344 - EThe signs of a good meal

20140703 - CS1_0358 - EResting on the kill

20140703 - CS1_0362 - EIt is all mine 🙂

20140703 - CS1_0379 - ECubs (2.5 month old and 1.5 month old)

20140703 - CS1_0381 - EDad watching the scene

20140703 - CS1_0409 - EA bloody affair