Getting caught!


In the Path of Wildlife

All over South Africa, game reserves battle with poaching. One traditional method poachers use to catch their prey is the setting of snares, which are crudely constructed out of cable or fencing wire. They are set on game paths or near waterholes and are often left there for days. Any unsuspecting animal passing through may get caught and suffer injuries and/or death.

The method is very cruel and wasteful. Not only do the intended prey, like antelopes, get caught, but Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, Elephant, Rhinos and Buffalo too prolong suffering injuries and often even die in the snares. Thanda’s Anti-Poaching Units regularly patrol the reserve and carry out snare sweeps. Unfortunately, some of our wildlife still stumble into snares from time to time, despite our determination to prevent this.

Just recently, one of Thanda’s Lionesses had her foot caught in a snare. She was powerful enough…

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Summer is on the way!

20140820 - CS1_8368 - EThe last few days Thanda guests enjoyed summer temperatures, making good use of the pools at the Thanda Safari Lodge, Thanda Tented Camp and the Villa iZulu.

The Thanda Elephants did the same, enjoying a mid-day drink and bath. As always an impressive sight!

20140820 - CS1_8357 - E

Hyenas, Horses and a Sunset

Just before I went off work for seven days I was able to participate in a Hyena capture operation (five Hyenas were to be transferred to another game reserve).

20140812 - CS3_0267 - E

Then I spent a few days at Pakamisa enjoying a bit of riding, excellent company and superb food! It was great that Magdel and Warren from Thanda were able to join me at Pakamisa for a one night stay. This picture shows all of us leaving the stables for a morning ride.

20140816 - _MG_3986

Isabella took this group picture of me, Badger and the warthogs 🙂

20140816 - _MG_3957

I also did a “romantic drinks at sundown” photo shoot. I like the results.

20140814 - CS3_0436 - E

A bird per minute!

20140811 - CS0_1852

I was sitting for eleven minutes at Thanda’s South Gate entrance and watched the little bird bath opposite the sitting area. Eleven bird species came down to drink 🙂

Birding fast and furious!

PS: Quite a few people have heard about my car accident last night – I am perfectly OK – If you want to read the complete story go to


Take the Big Cats home with you!

Thanda is promoting my book today 🙂


We aren’t suggesting you bundle one into your suitcase but we did think you might like to enjoy viewing them from the comfort of your home. We have produced a wonderful photographic book of our majestic lions, agile cheetahs and elusive leopards that is now available to buy. Individually printed, they are available from Amazon or an e-version can be downloaded from – just search for ‘Thanda Cats’.

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