From Paradise to Paradise!

Sometimes people ask me why I live in the middle of the bush and why did I give up a well paid executive’s life in the city. Well, here is a large part of the answer.

When I took a break from my computer work today (yes, that is still part of my job, even in the bush), I stepped outside the building. Here is what I watched while I had lunch:

Five beautiful Kudu bulls strolled past Thanda House, just along the tree line. A group of Nyala was browsing along the fence while two Hadeda Ibises were looking for food under the fever trees in the garden. A group of Vervet Monkeys were playing on the house roof and in the trees. Impalas, Wildebeest, Zebra and Giraffes moved past my front gate towards the nearby waterhole. Three semi-resident Warthogs had their lunch and a beautiful butterfly was looking for nectar.

And all of this on a clear and sunny day! Any other reason required? 🙂

And now I am off to Pakamisa for a few days break – from Paradise to Paradise!

20140903 - CS1_0009 - E Thanda House – My home in the bush!

20140903 - CS1_0027 - EOff to the water past my gate.

20140903 - CS1_0068 - EBrowsing and grasing for lunch.

20140903 - CS1_0130 - EA Kudu midday stroll …

20140903 - CS1_0061 - EAt the waterhole.

20140903 - CS1_0055 - ELooking for lunch 🙂