If this tree could tell stories …

I do not often take scenery images which I really like. But the simplicity of this tree makes the pictures 🙂

Wedding Tree

… it would recount the many beautifully romantic wedding ceremonies that have been held underneath it on our game reserve.

The Marula tree is often the spiritual centre for rituals and also regarded by the Zulu’s as the ‘fertility tree’ or ‘marriage tree’.

Our Marula tree can be found on a plateau on top of a hill in the heart of the reserve, with the rolling hills of Zululand in the background. This year alone it has witnessed five happy couples tie the knot – some had chosen to travel from within South Africa whilst others had journeyed from much further afield (USA, UK and even Australia) to celebrate their special occasion in this unique setting. Marriage ceremonies have varied between smaller, more private weddings whilst others have been lively celebrations for over 80 guests lasting several days!

For more information about weddings on Thanda go to http://www.thanda.com/experience/weddings-honeymoons.htm or contact bronwyn@thanda.co.za

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