Wildlife Weddings

The new Thanda Wedding Brochure!
We worked hard on this new brochure, and I think it turned out very well – have a look!
PS: And it even has a few of my own wedding and wildlife pics in it 🙂

Thanda Weddings

Please have a browse of our beautiful new Thanda Wedding flipbook which is available to view online.

There’s nothing more magical or more memorable than a new life started in the African wilderness. We have hosted many a magical wedding at Thanda, with each celebration as individual as the bridal couple themselves. In Zulu culture, marriage is seen as a way to build ubuntu – a shared belief in the importance of compassion, humanity and community. It’s for this reason that weddings at Thanda are celebrated with such great spirit and collective passion.

To view the flipbook online (low resolution), please click on the following link: http://www.edvc.com/Thanda/TW-V16/TW-V16.html 

To view the flipbook online (high resolution), please click on the following link: http://www.edvc.com/Thanda/TW-V16HR/TW-V16HR.html

Thinking of exchanging your wedding vows in the bush? If so please send an email to weddings@thanda.co.za and we can tell you more about what we offer and our…

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A Leopard and his Tracks

20140915 - CS0_0728 - E

The main job of Thanda’s expert trackers is to find and interpret the signs which animals leave when they move through the bush. Foot imprints, droppings/dung , broken branches, depressed grass and cut leaves lying around the ground are only a few of these marks. Thanda guests are always fascinated to see how our Zulu trackers are able to pick up these signs.

This collage shows one of Thanda’s beautiful Leopard males and very visible Leopard footprints. Unfortunately most of the time the tracks are not that clear and obvious 🙂

If this tree could tell stories …

I do not often take scenery images which I really like. But the simplicity of this tree makes the pictures 🙂

Wedding Tree

… it would recount the many beautifully romantic wedding ceremonies that have been held underneath it on our game reserve.

The Marula tree is often the spiritual centre for rituals and also regarded by the Zulu’s as the ‘fertility tree’ or ‘marriage tree’.

Our Marula tree can be found on a plateau on top of a hill in the heart of the reserve, with the rolling hills of Zululand in the background. This year alone it has witnessed five happy couples tie the knot – some had chosen to travel from within South Africa whilst others had journeyed from much further afield (USA, UK and even Australia) to celebrate their special occasion in this unique setting. Marriage ceremonies have varied between smaller, more private weddings whilst others have been lively celebrations for over 80 guests lasting several days!

For more information about weddings on Thanda go to http://www.thanda.com/experience/weddings-honeymoons.htm or contact bronwyn@thanda.co.za

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Constant argument!

20140517 - CS1_0080 - E

Baboons have a lot of arguments. Especially the young ones are constantly busy with playful fighting.

I enjoy watching them as long as they stay out of my room 🙂

Cavallo Reiterreise Südafrika

Five of my images were featured on Pakamisa’s new blog!

Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

20150907 - CS1_0560 - E

Start ins Abenteuer – Sieben zufriedene Reiter aus Europa starten ihre Südafrika für Geniesser Reise.

Adventure pure! – Seven excited riders start their evening excursion.

20150907 - CS1_0617 - E

Hautnah am Wildlife im Südafrikanischen Busch!

Getting close to African Wildlife!

20150907 - CS1_0755 - E

Im Galopp durch die Afrikanische Wildnis!

A fast canter through the African Bush.

20150907 - CS1_0665 - E

Beim Anblick dieser Baby-Giraffe schlagen Herzen höher!

Cuteness pure – a baby Giraffe!

20150907 - CS2_0418 - E

Entspannter Ritt nach Hause am Ende eines gelungenen Tages!

Coming home after an exciting day!

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Pictures by Christian Sperka Photography

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At work!

20140906 - IMG_2283 - E

Isabella took a picture of me while I was setting up for some evening/night time images of the the Pakamisa Lodge. Unfortunately the moon was very bright that night and the wind picked up a lot once daylight was gone, so the twilight images come out well, but the night time shots did not work so well.

These are some of the images I took that evening.

20140905 - CS2_0059 - E2I like this image because it show not only the lodge but its lofty location on top of the Pakamisa hills.20140905 - CS2_0117 - E3Just the right amount of light from the buildings to show the lodge well at twilight.20140905 - CS0_2205 - EColors on the hill – a night time shot!


Well protected!

20140904 - CS2_9927 - E

What a surprise when I arrived at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve this afternoon!

These little Ostrich chicks were on a walk-about with their parents when I got to take these pictures.

The Ostrich mom and dad were very alert to ensure that nothing would harm there young ones. I used a long lens and kept my distance 🙂

20140904 - CS1_0143 - E


20140904 - CS2_9905 - E


20140904 - CS2_9961 - E  20140904 - CS2_9943 - E

From Paradise to Paradise!

Sometimes people ask me why I live in the middle of the bush and why did I give up a well paid executive’s life in the city. Well, here is a large part of the answer.

When I took a break from my computer work today (yes, that is still part of my job, even in the bush), I stepped outside the building. Here is what I watched while I had lunch:

Five beautiful Kudu bulls strolled past Thanda House, just along the tree line. A group of Nyala was browsing along the fence while two Hadeda Ibises were looking for food under the fever trees in the garden. A group of Vervet Monkeys were playing on the house roof and in the trees. Impalas, Wildebeest, Zebra and Giraffes moved past my front gate towards the nearby waterhole. Three semi-resident Warthogs had their lunch and a beautiful butterfly was looking for nectar.

And all of this on a clear and sunny day! Any other reason required? 🙂

And now I am off to Pakamisa for a few days break – from Paradise to Paradise!

20140903 - CS1_0009 - E Thanda House – My home in the bush!

20140903 - CS1_0027 - EOff to the water past my gate.

20140903 - CS1_0068 - EBrowsing and grasing for lunch.

20140903 - CS1_0130 - EA Kudu midday stroll …

20140903 - CS1_0061 - EAt the waterhole.

20140903 - CS1_0055 - ELooking for lunch 🙂





And the difference is …

Lion Cubs


Well, they are of different age and the pictures were taken in different light (therefore the colour difference). But here is the major difference:

The little Lion on the left lives with his family (The North Pride) at Thanda Private Game Reserve in South Africa.  The small one on the right lives with his family at the Zoo in Basel, Switzerland. The one lives in the wild with all its dangerous and its beauty, the other one lives in captivity, at full board and with a health care plan 🙂

Congratulations to Peter Mettler, who got the correct answer!

… and now the bonus question, what is so special about this one?

20140531 - CS2_1259


What’s the difference?

Lion CubsWhat is the difference between these two Lion cubs?

A hint: it is not their looks alone!

I will blog the answer tomorrow afternoon 🙂

Have a good week.