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Hippo males fight a lot! These two were giving quite a performance. Another unpublished image I found during my “filing work”.

Have a good weekend 🙂


I am currently reviewing many of my older images as I am looking for more material for a new book.

And I came across this – so far unpublished – image of a Lilac-breasted Roller. One of my favorite birds with its many colors!

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Zulu for Guests :-)

Learn a bit of Zulu …..

Thanda Faces

Our guests enjoy getting to know our staff along with their Zulu culture during their stay with us just as much as spotting the wildlife! We are regularly being asked for the Zulu translation for everyday words such as hello and thank you and have drawn up a list as a reminder for those who have recently visited. We thought it may also be of interest to those who may soon be staying with us:

Hello –Sawubona
Thank you – Ngiyabonga
Delicious – Kumnandi
Beautiful – Muhle
Good – Kuhle
Go well – Hambakahle
We are happy – Sijabule
May I please have this – Ngicela lokhu
How are you – Unjani
Sleep well – Lala kahle
See you tomorrow – Sobonana kusasa
Spoil your self – Zithokozise or Zijabulise
Good choice – Ukhethe kahle
Lion – Bubesi
Elephant – Ndlovu
Buffalo – Nyathi
White Rhino – Nkombe
Black Rhino…

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20141025 - CS3_0195 - E_1

I do not really like to work at night with artificial light. But sometimes this sort of light creates a very special mood. Using a diffusing filter on Bheki’s strong spotlight I was able to take a portrait of this Lion cub. The soft widely spread light through the filter is not too hard on the young eyes and we only use it for a few moments during the photo shoot. The rest of the time we use a red-light filter.

This night photo-session was part of two game drives of wildlife photography lessons. At Thanda it is possible to book a “Photography Private Safari Vehicle” which includes me as the wildlife photography instructor. My student on this evening game drive enjoyed her night-light lesson very much!


When a camera meets a Hyena :-)

20141022 - CS0_2120 - E

We had made up this little project to try and capture some small night creatures with my camera trap. We selected the location carefully and installed the camera high enough not to attract Hyenas.

At least that was what we thought 🙂

This collage shows the camera before its meeting with some Hyena teeth. Then the last pictures it ever took, and finally the electronic rubbish it is now after the Hyena had a go at it.

Lesson to be learned – no more camera traps without steel casing!

A Rainbow over the Lebombo Mountains, a Road Block and two Freezing Cheetah!

20141017 - CS3_9963 - E2

As it happens during this time of the year strong winds frequently follow heavy rains. On our afternoon game drive we first encountered a beautiful rainbow over the Lebombo mountains, then we met with Thanda’s breeding herd of Elephants.

20141017 - CS3_9915 - E

One of our largest bulls gave an excellent demonstration on “how to create a perfect road block”, right in front of the vehicle.

20141017 - CS3_9931 - E

Last but not least Bheki – one of Thanda’s most experienced Zulu tracker – found the two Cheetah brothers on the open savannah. They were huddling together in the freezing wind.

20141017 - CS3_9976 - E

Not a bad drive for a very windy day!

No camera :-) :-(

What an evening.

As I drove up to the Lodge on Friday evening  – for a meeting – a Leopard appeared around a corner in front of my vehicle and calmly walked up the road for about ten minutes, illuminated by my headlights, before settling down next to my car in the bushes.

On the way home an Aardvark crossed the road in front of me and stayed for about five minutes on the road, just sniffing around.

Now that was the good part of the evening, the bad part was that I had no camera with me. A beginner’s mistake!

But I will never forget these sightings, especially my first Aardvark on Thanda.

no camera


These two images are of similar sightings a few years ago (with camera :-))

A heron, a band of mongoose and the king of Pakamisa

20141013 - CS3_9378 - E

Sometimes a drive from the Pakamisa lodge to the horse stables can turn into a nice game drive. I first encountered a band of mongoose running across the road and I managed to take a picture as they quickly disappeared into thick bush.

Then I had my first ever sighting of a Black-headed Heron perching on of the stable fences.

20141012 - CS3_8990 - E

And last but not least we encountered a beautiful, dark and very large male Giraffe. His name is Rufus and he is considered the king of Pakamisa 🙂

20141013 - CS3_9385 - E



Pakamisa Dinner Plans!

Two images I took yesterday on Pakamisa.

20141012 - CS3_9309 - E

The first one shows some of the horses looking eagerly out of their boxes for the upcoming dinner.

20141012 - CS3_9236 - E

The second one shows Pakamisa’s Ostrich family at their evening dinner – dad, mum and 16 little Ostriches.