The Horse Photographer :-)

20141121 - CS3_3297 - E - CSP

I love Wildlife Photography but I also enjoy taking pictures of horses in action (with riders or without).

The picture above is of …
… me and Kara, a pure Arabian mare, looking at one another after a photo shoot.
… Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa’s owner – holding Kara.
… Mark – a Pakamisa guest – on Zulu (a Boerperd) smiling at the unusual scene with me posing in front of the camera :-).

Thanks to Daan for taking the picture!

Below are a few more images from my last stay at Pakamisa. Enjoy the variety!

20141121 - CS0_1616 - E
Tina on El Dorado “speeding”

20141120 - CS2_0152 - E
Two geldings on the way to dinner

20141120 - CS2_0170 - E
Excitement at the stables

20141121 - CS3_3047 - E
A Wildebeest with war paint 🙂

20141121 - CS3_3175 - E
New arrivals – Impala fawns appearing all over the place

Another picture of me on Badger – having a good time!

20141120 - CS3_3003 - E
Sunset at Pakamisa