Looking good!

Well, you can attribute the title of this blog either to me, Badger (the horse I am riding), the Giraffe lady (with her admirer) or the fast growing Ostriches on Pakamisa :-). Have a look at all the images!

I am spending again a few of my off-days relaxing at Pakamisa (in very hot weather!)

20150108 - CS4_1388 - PBadger and me (with my special safari hat :-). Picture by Isabella Stepski

20150108 - CS2_9874 - PA lady (left) and her admirer.

20150108 - CS2_9784 - PSmall no longer. Pakamisa’s Ostrich chicks with their mum in the middle.

20150108 - CS2_9773 - PThis young Ostrich was observed by one of Pakamisa’s mares as it moved towards the stables for its evening dinner!