Hlomo Hlomo

20150407 - CS3_5246 - H

Recently I was invited to a small game reserve in Northern Kwazulu Natal, called Hlomo Hlomo.

In beautiful morning and evening light I was able to take picture of two species which we do not have on Thanda: Blesbok (the rarer white variety) and Ostriches. I especially enjoyed the magnificent scenery!

I hope you like this picture gallery. For more information about Hlomo Hlomo go to www.hlomohlomo.com

That’s it! – Fourteen for the Villa! (14)

I have selected fourteen images which are now hanging in two of the suites at Thanda’s Villa iZulu. These are some of my favorite images and I have prepared them in sepia to match the existing old-fashioned frames. This is the last of these images. I have also included a gallery with all fourteen pictures below. Enjoy them!

Number fourteen – The End :-): Thanda’s Dominant Male Lion

20150421 - CS3_5638 - S 2

PS: If you stay at Thanda’s Villa iZulu in the suites number 2 or 3 you can view them in the original print.