A bit mad!

20150430 - CS3_6081 - E

What does a wildlife photographer – who lives on a big five game reserve – do on his day off work? He goes to another game reserve to spend a day taking more wildlife  pictures 🙂 – sounds a bit mad, but I enjoyed myself!

This “Lion-Rhino-Car” encounter is just a teaser for the images to come from my recent off-day at Hluhluwe-Imfolozi National Park!

This picture shows a White Rhino bull walking calmly by a young male Lion. This youngster was part of a large pride of Lions devouring a Buffalo bull, which they had killed in the morning hours next to this road, only 20 meters (50 feet) to the right in thick bush. I drove up to this scene just moments after I entered the park. And a few more minutes after I took this picture cars started piling up at this sighting which made it impossible to take any more good images. I moved on and left the madness behind me.