Vigilant ‘house cats’, the neighbours’ kits at play and an excited gentleman in front of the house!

Well, this title might be a bit misleading 🙂

When I left Thanda House this afternoon for a quick visit to friends on a neighbouring reserve, I left Thanda’s two Cheetah boys in charge of perimeter security around Thanda House.20150710 - CS3_6787 - C

As I drove onto the reserve where my friends live, I took pictures of two little White Rhinos at play. 20150710 - CS3_6864 - C

And when I got back to Thanda a young Elephant bull gave me a rather excited welcome. From the way he reacted to my vehicle, looking at the glands on his forehead and judging from other obvious signs of excitement :-), he may be getting into musth.20150710 - CS3_6794 - C

Not the regular house cats, not the average kits at play and a rather unusual excited gentleman in front of the house, but another really good afternoon in the African bush!