ID, please ?

20150831 - CS0_2218 - E

Yesterday evening I took these pictures of a strange-looking bird. I am not certain, but I think it is a amelanistic form of a Dark-capped Bulbul. Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance for the input.

The best hour

I love this one!

Thanda Safari

20150830 - CS1_0352 - T

The best hour for wildlife photographers to take images is the last hour of the day. And if the bush models cooperate then the images can be very special. This young Thanda South Pride Lioness was at the right place at the right time and looking the right way!

Picture by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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The last of the five!

The Big Five are by far the most photographed and talked about of all African animals. But it is really the Lions, Leopards, Elephants and Rhinos which get the major share of the fame. Well, this blog shows ten images to portray the fifth Big Five, the most magnificent (and dangerous) bovine in its natural environment, the Cape Buffalo. Enjoy these Thanda Buffalo pictures!

Chewing bones, parking backwards, fishing large and catching big!

A strange title for a blog?

Yes, but these images explain it all …

… a female Nyala chewing on a bone to get some extra calcium during the dry season.20140921 - CS2_0599 - E

… two Elephants wetting their bums by backing into a waterhole.20150515 - CS3_6934 - E

… a Seagull catching a very large fish!20150727 - CS3_8298 - E

… and a little Bee-Eater catching a ‘big’ Butterfly.20150422 - CS3_5848 - E

I really enjoy these unusual sightings – remarkably uncommon 🙂

Thanda Cats

20150816 - CS0_2008 - T

Watching Africa’s iconic large cats – Lion, Leopard and Cheetah – is always a special treat on any safari. But these three sighting were even more exciting than usual. First we saw Thanda’s dominant male Lion mating with the oldest female of the Mduna pride. Then we observed a young Cheetah female doing what Cheetahs ‘never do’, climbing up a tree trunk. And last but not least we sat with a relaxed and very beautiful male Leopard for quite a while, in broad day light!

A pleasure for the Thanda guests and great picture opportunities for all Wildlife photographers among them!