Lion vs. Rhino 0:0

I really enjoyed taking these (even if the light was not good) 🙂

20150801 - CS3_9351 - SPC

It is always exciting to watch animals interact. And some of the best entertainment is provided when Lions and Rhinos meet!

The Thanda guests enjoyed it when a few White Rhinos started chasing Thanda’s North Pride cubs. It took over half an hour before the dust settled. The Rhinos went to sleep in a tight formation and the cubs withdraw into thick bush up a hillside. And it was time for us humans to retreat for dinner :-). Lions vs. Rhinos 0:0

Below are seven images from this encounter at fading light. The quality of the picture is  not great, but I think the content makes it worth wile to look at them.

Three of the young cubs keep an eye of the situation. Notice their wide open eyes!20150801 - CS3_9336 - T

One of the cubs got quickly out of the way, as one of the Rhinos turned on her.20150801 - CS3_9347 - T

All the sudden on of the…

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