A picture of two big guys :-)

IMG_5366 - E

Well, in this picture I am with Thulani, one of Thanda’s largest Elephant bulls. I came to watch him at the Thanda Safari Lodge, having a drink at the waterhole. He was in musth when this picture was taken. During musth he needs a lot of additional water as he looses a lot of liquids to get rid of his excess testosterone (up to sixty times higher than normal levels). Because he is an old and experienced bull he does not get very agitated during this period. As Elephant ladies like the older and the bigger guys he has nothing to worry about!.

In comparison to his weight of approximately six tons, I could be considered a light weight 🙂

Have a good week!


A two nights stay at Thanda = Great sightings (the weather gods were on our side) and some excellent photo opportunities for our guests – I love my job!

20150929 - CS1_1036 - T

Spotting the rosettes of this male Leopard completed the ‘Big Five’ sightings for a group of Swedish Thanda guests during their stay.

On only three drives they encountered a breeding herd of Elephants moving across the reserve, a South Pride Lioness drinking at a small waterhole, a Spotted Hyena scouting, the Thanda North Pride of Lions running into a crash of White Rhinoceros and a journey of Giraffes, Vervet Monkeys eyeing the safari vehicle with suspicion, Lions on a Zebra kill, two male Cheetah resting in the morning sun, a Zebra mum and her calf on the move, Blue Wildebeest avoiding the Cheetahs, a herd of Buffalo disturbing three Kudu bulls at their morning drinks stop, a Common Duiker accelerating very fast,  and many groups of Nyala and of Impala browsing and grazing.  And just before a beautiful sunset the Leopard was the last sighting of the day and of these guests’ visit to…

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