An iPhone travel journal – Day 5

Saturday – Home Town Gate  
I got around a bit in my life. I was born in Switzerland, grew up in the South of Germany, worked in over 20 and travelled to over 50 countries. But my parents are both from Bavaria. They grew up in the same small village – named Teisbach – where even today a lot of Sperkas still live. Every year on All Saints day (1 November) they visit the graves of their parents and many relatives in the small town. This is a Catholic tradition. Together with my brother, my nieces and one of my nephews I am accompanying them on this year’s visit. We have arrived in Bavaria after five hours of travel. The picture is of an old gate of the village of Teisbach.

More to follow soon …

An iPhone travel journal – Day 4

Friday – Mixed Summer and Autumn Colours

I had planned only one shot per day, but I really liked the mixed summer and autumn colours in the garden of my parents’ house in the South of Germany. This beautiful mixture will not last much longer, as it gets colder and colder.

20151030 - CS6_0004 - E

More to come …

PS: Great news about South Africa’s Springboks winning the rugby against Argentina and Roger Federer winning his game in Basel 🙂

An iPhone travel journal – Day 4

Friday – Sunset over Lake Sempach in Switzerland

Today I met with some of my friends from Switzerland in an Italian Restaurant in Zofingen for lunch before I did a photo shoot of the five month old son of very good friends of mine.  In the evening I was invited to a delicious dinner at one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. Before the dinner I took this images of a few ducks swimming on Lake Sempach just after the sun had set.


More to come…