New York Times

One of my images was published in the New York Times on 27 October 🙂


panthera PANTHERA – Post on 27 October 2015

‘Pick up your copy of The New York Times today and flip to page A11 to read about a study co-authored by Panthera and published yesterday that unveils new findings on declining lion populations in key regions of Africa.

You can also catch up on the NYTimes article online @ and read Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter’s explanation on the far-reaching impact of the catastrophic loss of Africa’s lions: “You start pulling at the threads of these big complicated ecosystems, and they start unraveling.”

Learn what Panthera is doing across Africa to protect one of our planet’s most celebrated species @

Special thanks to Christian Sperka Photography and Nick Garbutt Wildlife Photography for the generous use of their lion photos in this feature!’

An iPhone travel journal – Day 8

Tuesday – German “Wildlife”

I thought a German cow would make a nice “Wildlife” image on one of my travel blog days. My younger brother and I went for a drive into the Black Forest this morning to find a suitable subject. I really like this portrait of a young cow, which I shot on our trip.

For lunch we met up with our parents to eat one of my favorite dishes in a traditional German restaurant: Rehruecken mit Spaetzle, Rotkraut, Preiselbeeren und glasierten Maroni (Rack of venison, small dumplings, red cabbage, cranberries and honey-glazed chestnuts). For desert we had another favorite of mine called ‘meringue glace’ (Vanilla ice cream with freshly whipped cream and very light meringue from the Swiss Emmental).

And after another relaxing afternoon I went for an early dinner (a German sausage salad) with a friend in Bad Saeckingen. In case you think that this trip is a bit of an eating-marathon, then I would say that you are correct – but I enjoy every minute of it 🙂

20151103 - CS6_0000 - E

More to come …

What a sound!

One of my uncles bought this old tube radio in 1954. It is still in working order and has a great sound! But here is an interesting question: Why did he buy the radio – a very expensive item – in 1954? He had a very good reason – the answer will be on the next post 🙂