An iPhone travel journal – Day 9 – The Last Day

Wednesday – The Last Leaves

After an excellent lunch with my older brother and my parents in Switzerland I took a few Autumn images on the way to Germany. This tree is loosing its leaves fast as Autumn turns into Winter. And I will be leaving Europe in a few hours. See you next year!


An iPhone travel journal – EXTRAS

I have only published one iPhone image per day on my travel blog. Some of you have asked me if these are all the pictures I took. Well, here are some of the EXTRAS.

Today, I will be flying back to South Africa. I am a bit sad of leaving Europe and my Family already, but I am also looking forward to getting back to South Africa and home to Thanda. I am planning to return in May 2016.

I hope you enjoyed this short travel blog, which turned a bit into a ‘great eating in Europe’ blog :-). It was interesting to work exclusively with my iPhone 6 Plus. It gives one a lot of freedom (not carrying a lot of equipment and having great editing tools instantly available), but it also showed me the limitations. A good experience.

I will post the last pictures of this trip this afternoon!