Warm – Cold | Rough – Smooth | Right – Left | Happy – Sad | Cramped – Spacious

A day of contrasts – Coming from the cold of a German autumn to the warm temperatures of a Pretoria summer – changing from the smooth ride of my dad’s Renault to my rather rugged Fortuner – moving from the right side of the road to the left – being happy to be back in South Africa and being a bit sad to have to leave my family and friends in Europe – enjoying the space in the Gautrain from Johannesburg Airport to Pretoria after the 11 hour ‘torture’ in a economy plane seat, which is far to small for me:-)

Well, I love change and these contrasts are rather invigorating. The hot shower, a Peking Duck for lunch and my mum’s poppy seed cake for desert helps to improve the spirit even further!
From tomorrow Wildlife will be back on the ‘posting menu’ 🙂

PS: Today’s pictures show me on the Gautrain.