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Double Release!

Removing a snake from a place where it should not be can be a tricky business. And if the snake is a Black Mambas then it gets extra exciting.

20151227 - CS2_2430 - E

Yesterday, I caught the largest Black Mamba I have ever seen (see video 1). This beautiful specimen was rather calm during the capture. I released it this morning in a remote part of the reserve.


And then midday today I was called to catch another of these fast moving snakes. This one was more ‘feisty’ and was quite agitated during the capture and the release (see video 2).

But in the end everything went well and both snakes can establish their new homes far away from people and buildings 🙂

The picture credits for today go to Letishia Kleinschmidt and Jennie Pretorius. Thanks a lot. My favorite shot of today is Jennie’s picture of a ‘Black Mamba Selfie’ :-).

20151227 - CS2_2520 - E

My favorite 2015 Lion image

If you followed my blog for a while you will know that I love to take animal portraits. Nevertheless my favorite Lion images for 2015 is a scenery image.

It was taken on Christmas Eve on Thanda Private Game Reserve. It is not a prefect photograph (with the slight lens/light distortions), but it just looks right!


20151224 - CS2_0222 - C

New Blog Design

I have changed my blog design to make it more photography and mobile device friendly. Let’s see if it works 🙂

This is a gallery of images which I took during recent boat trip on the Pongola River/Lake Jozini, while I was visiting Pongola Game Reserve.

Little ones!

Back on Pakamisa for a few days 🙂

Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

The best way to view Giraffe is on horsback! The best way to view Giraffe is on horsback!

At this time of the year many animals have youngsters. The most exciting are the baby Giraffes.
Looked after by their mums they are very curious and adventurous.

IMG_2063 - E

Wildlife Photographer Christian Sperka is back at Pakamisa. Enjoy his incredible images, which he took this morning.

Pictures by Christian Sperka Photography –

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The Cleanup Crew

A lot of animals die every day as part of the circle of life. Vultures play one of the most important roles to ensure that the resulting dead material is recycled. During my last stay at Pongola Game Reserve I took these images of White-backed Vultures and one Lappet Face Vulture – it was fascinating to spend time with them and watch their behavior.