A bone cud, a cuddle and a drink

A Giraffe family with a little calf, only a few days old 🙂 [mum is chewing a bone for calcium intake – dad is rubbing his face on mum’s throught and rump – baby is having a drink!

Thanda Safari – Conservation in Action

Today the Thanda Safari wildlife department recovered two six month old Cheetah cubs whose mother had been recently killed by Lions, which are one of the major threats to Cheetahs in the wild. Veterinarian Dr.Mike Toft darted the two young males. Wrapped in towels to keep them warm, the cubs were transferred into one of Thanda’s predator bomas (an enclosed secure area). Soon after they woke up the two little cats enjoyed their first ‘room service’ (a dead Impala antelope). Thanda Safari wildlife management is currently evaluating how to proceed, as the two youngsters are not old enough yet to fend for themselves.

To see more pictures go to the blog message at https://thandablog.com/2016/09/28/cheetahcubs/.


More about Cheetah and Lions:
Lions are capable of killing Cheetahs, but Lions rarely eat Cheetahs. When given the chance, Lions will kill adult or cub Cheetahs that are found in their territory. Close to 90 percent of…

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Heritage Day


Today is South Africa’s Heritage Day.

My view on heritage: Learn from the past and help the children to build a better future!

New Arrivals!

I enjoyed that ‘photo shoot’ 🙂

It is always a very special moment when new Lion cubs are seen for the first time. After the mother gives birth she keeps the newborns away from her pride and the rest of the world for six to eight weeks. Today was such a special day at Thanda Safari. Three young Lions met safari vehicles for the first time and they were most curious and not shy at all 🙂

Enjoy the pictures!

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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What a week!

Last weekend I was very busy in the office and teaching photography at Thanda. On Monday I went to Pongola to get my car serviced and for a short visit to Pakamisa. On Tuesday and Wednesday I ran errands in Durban where a met a very cute puppy dog. Yesterday and today I played again catch-up in the office.

But, I still got a bit of photography done. At Pakamisa I took some pictures of Isabella working with one of her horses and at the Thanda House Waterhole (next to my home) I got some good pictures of Elephants, of Giraffes and of a young Lioness. I also shot some good-bye pictures of our young male Lion, who will leave the reserve soon for a new home. And in between I posted one of my favorite Leopard shots (taken in 2006) on Facebook.

So, here is my week in pictures. Enjoy them and the weekend 🙂

PS: As a bonus I added a short Thanda Elephants video – four times the regular speed!