Today is International Cheetah Day – This is one of Thanda Safari’s Cheetah boys – They are two of my favorite cat models 🙂

Cheetahs once ranged almost across the entire African continent and into Asia. Today, they are found in only 23% of their historic African range and are extinct in Asia except for a small population in Iran. The problems for this endangered species are habit loss, habitat fragmentation, conflict with other predators, Human-wildlife conflicts, illegal wildlife trade and their rather problematic genetics. Thanda Safari has a few of these magnificent creatures and is active in conserving their future.

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Well the correct answer is that adult female Elephants have more angular foreheads than adult males. The young female in my last post shows this feature unusually clear for her age 🙂 – see

Today’s picture shows an young adult male and a female. Observe the difference!

Have a good start into the new week!