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I have just uploaded 74 more Cheetah images taken between 2004 and early 2017. Have a look at (total 189 images).

This is one of many species gallery available online at

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These are a few of these new images!


My Favorite Smart Devices Apps

Recently a lot of people have asked me what applications I use on my smart devices (I got an iPhone 6Plus and an iPad Pro 12.9″).

I have used and tested many (hundreds) of apps for many different purposes (I own an iPhone since the original version came onto the market). Currently I have about 150 installed on my phone and I use about half of them regularly, the others not so frequently.  Whenever possible I will use paid apps, because I believe that the creator of an app should be rewarded and most free apps have some serious shortcomings (either adverts and/or limited functionality). On my iPad I use some additional apps which make use of the Apple Pen.

Here are my favorite nine smart phone apps (for photo end video editing):


This is a picture taken with my iPhone and then edited with Camera+


And this is a video which I took with my iPhone and it was edited with VideoShop:


The Cheetah brothers on a kill …

As I walked out of my room at Thanda House I spotted the two Thanda Cheetah brothers just beyond our garden’s northern fence line. They were moving west, while carefully checking for other predators.

I walked around the building to my vehicle when I saw them again much closer to our northern gate. They were now feasting on a large Kudu cow, who must have been killed a while ago (large parts of her were already eaten). Her unborn calf was lying next to her. Unlike Lions, who would have eaten the fetus immediately, the two Cheetahs were eating the adult Kudu first.

This kill was so large that the Cheetah would never finish it. So Hyenas, Jackals, Vultures and many other smaller creatures will enjoy meals from this Kuku cow.


Checking around …


Moving along the Thanda house fence …


On the kill …


Feeding together – no fighting over the large meal …


Always on the lookout for possible thieves …


A few hours later – full bellies and still a lot of meat left – the Hyenas will love it!


And this is my favorite shot from that afternoon …

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Photo of the Month

Panthera – the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 38 wild cat species and their ecosystems – selected one of my pictures as January’s Photo of the Month. I work as partner photographer for Panthera for over 10 years. More information about Panthera at

I took this picture of a female Leopard in July 2007 on Phinda Private Game Reserve as part of the Munyawana Leopard Project.


And this is another shot from the same ‘photo shoot’ 🙂


@PantheraCats @ChristianSperkaPhotography #Leopards #MunyawanaLeopardProject

A look back!

It is custom to have a look at the previous year when the new one has just started.

For me it has been a good year. I enjoy my life and work in the South African bush as much as when I moved here in 2012. Since then I have led over 1,000 game drives, I have had over 1,600 Big Five sightings, I taught over 900 people my way of motion/wildlife photography and I have written over 900 blog posts.

Today I would like to share with you some of my favorite pictures of 2016: One wildlife picture per month and a bonus scenery picture 🙂 – Thank you for following my blog!

I hope you will enjoy my photographer’s picks for 2016 and I hope that all of us will have a good 2017!

January - Relax!
January 2016 – Relax!
February 2016 - Charge!
February 2016 – Charge!
March 2016 - Run!
March 2016 – Run!
April 2016 - Fight!
April 2016 – Fight!
May 2016 - Neck!
May 2016 – Neck!
June 2016 - Curious!
June 2016 – Curious!
July 2016 - An itch!
July 2016 – An itch!
August 2016 - Evening light!
August 2016 – Evening light!
September 2016 - Wary!
September 2016 – Wary!
October 2016 - Family! (My personal favorite for 2016)
October 2016 – Family! (My personal favorite for 2016)
November 2016 - Age!
November 2016 – Age!
December 2016 - Chase!
December 2016 – Chase!
Scenery 2016 - African Sky!
Scenery 2016 – African Sky!


I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

… with my favorite scenery image of 2016: The sky over Thanda Safari on 30 December 2016!

Stay tuned for a blog message about my wildlife sightings between Christmas and New Year … coming soon …