Water, finally …

For the last few weeks we had proper rainfalls (over 125 mm) and most of the waterholes at Thanda Safari are now filling up nicely!

The small picture shows a herd of Buffalo in a completely dry dam only a few weeks ago. The big picture of the same waterhole was taken this week. Let us hope the rains will continue to the end of the wet season…


In the small picture below the Elephant bulls were bathing in an almost empty dam. The large image shows the same dam almost full. The Elephants would now be under water 🙂


Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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A Rough Meal


When food is plentiful and the kill is large a pride of Lions will feed without a lot of fuss. But if the carcass is small and there are many Lions it can be a rough meal. If the dominant male is present then he will demand to eat first in peace and quiet. If any other member of pride approaches there will be a lot of growling and if they come to close the huge paws and long claws will come into action.

In this sighting two Lionesses and a young male had killed a Wildebeest and were feeding when the dominant male appeared. A fight over the food broke out. After the initial confrontation the Lions were ‘sharing’ the kill, but it was a noise and violent affair.

After he finished his meal the large male got up and started walking towards a nearby waterhole for a drink. This…

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