I am leaving South Africa today for my annual trip to Germany and Switzerland. As I was preparing for a presentation I am going to give in Switzerland I came across this image. It is one of my favorite Nyala shots ever 🙂

More info about by presentation in Switzerland on 28 April at https://sperka.info/2017/04/18/zululand/


My up-coming ‘Zululand’ presentation – anyone welcome!

As every year I am visiting my family and friends in Germany and Switzerland in April/May.

This year a small town in Switzerland has invited me to give a presentation about “ZULULAND – Wildlife and the People in South Africa”. This is a public event on 28 April and anyone is welcome at the presentation. I will talk about my life and my work in South Africa and show some of my pictures. The presentation I will be in German … 🙂 .

And now in German…

Wie jedes Jahr besuche ich meine Familie und Freunde in Deutschland und der Schweiz im April/Mai.

Dieses Jahr hat mich eine kleine Gemeinde in der Schweiz (Schlossrued) eingeladen, einen Vortrag zum Thema “ZULULAND – Tierwelt und Menschen in Suedafrika” zu halten. Dies ist eine oeffentliche Veranstaltung und jederman ist willkommen. Ich erzaehle ueber mein Leben und meine Arbeit in Suedafrika und zeige einige meiner Bilder. (Den Vortrag halte ich in Deutsch).

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Europe 🙂

A few people have asked me where Schlossrued is! Here we go:

Happy Easter Weekend!

This year I thought I blog some of my favorite baby animal pictures instead of the usual bunny. Here they are!

Have a good Easter Weekend.

Lion Cubs
Elephant Calf
Buffalo Calf
Rhino Calf
Impala Calf
Hyena Puppy
Zebra Foal
Blue Wildebeest Calf
Giraffe Calf


This is a very typical profile view of a Black Rhino. Heads up, ears forward and alert, nostril wide and ready for action.

Meeting these creatures on foot is one of the most exciting experiences of any African walking safari.

This picture is the result of good luck, a long lens and the right light 🙂

Picture details: Hooked-lipped Rhinoceros – Black Rhino | Location: South Africa
Canon 1D Mark IV | Canon EF500 f4L | AV | ISO 200 | 1/1000s | f/4 | 0eV | WB 6500K – post processing corrected | free-hand


One of Thanda’s Lionesses in the most beautiful morning light. Have a good SUNday 🙂

Picture details: African Lion | Location: Thanda Safari, South Africa
Canon 1D Mark IV | Canon EF500 f4L | AV | ISO 200 | 1/500s | f/4 | 0eV | WB 6500K – post processing corrected | free-hand