The GREEN MAMBA has arrived!

THE GREEN MAMBA has arrived at Thanda House, but it is not a snake! It is the name of my new Land Rover Defender, which has been converted by a good friend of mine to a “Luxury & Photography Game Viewing Vehicle” – We named it Green Mamba 1 🙂 – more to follow soon …

 The Green Mamba getting a ride from Durban to Thanda …

 The Green Mamba’s maiden voyage to the Thanda Safari Lodge (with me and Marian in the vehicle and Garry on the tracker seat) …
 Garry driving the Mamba of the trailer …

The World and a Map

During my last visit to the Star-For-Life Mmemezi high school in rural Zululand with an Austrian journalist we had a chat with the 12th grade students about the world. We talked about Austria and Australia and about Switzerland and Sweden and also about German. We realized that they were very interested to know about the world out there. So I made a decision. I ordered a large laminated world map (2.65m x 1.55m / 8.5″ x 5″) and I will deliver it to the school for 12th grade classroom. The journalist kindly contributed funds and I promised her that I will tell them a bit more about her beautiful country when I deliver the map.

I am looking forward to my next visit!

This is a picture of the school which I took with my drone 🙂 Everyone at the school loved the ‘small helicopter’ and the pictures it took!

Read more about Star-For-Life – which was founded by Thanda Safari owners Dan and Christin Olofsson – at

Bheki’s Father …

Since 2012 I work together with my friend and tracker Bheki Ngubane. Today I visited his community to take pictures of many of his family members. This is a picture of the man I wanted to meet for a long time. He is Bheki’s father, 93 years old, the proud husband of eight wives and father of 65 children. More about him and his community will follow soon …

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Unbelievably Strong!

This is the first time I took photos of a Leopard kill all the way!

I am not the luckiest field guide when I comes to Leopards. These shy animals love to hide from me and I only get a good sighting every few month.

Well, May 2017 is such a month!

As I drove past one of Thanda Safari’s waterholes I saw an Nyala female running across the road. When I looked into the direction from where she came I saw another Nyala in the high grass with all four legs in the air. The animal was kicking, but made no sound. A few seconds later it became clear why she was silent. A young Leopard female had her by the throat. Once I got my camera out the Nyala was already dead.

The young Leopard, being aware of my presence on the dam wall, started immediately to drag her kill up the bank into the thick bush. The carcass was far heavier than…

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LIONS – a special series!

These are twenty Lion images, which I have posted as a special series on Instagram over the last few weeks. They are some of my favorite Lion picture which I have taken since 2001.

I hope you will enjoy them – Have a good week!

PS: I am save back in South Africa and tonorrow afternoon I will be back at Thanda Safari…

Goodbye Europe – On my way back to South Africa!

Here are the last pictures from my trip to Germany and Switzerland. I have included a few more of the pictures taken during my visit to the Zoo in Basel, Switzerland. This evening I will fly back to South Africa and Thanda … and to a much needed weight-loss diet 🙂

Being with my family and with many friends was great. I enjoyed it very much.

See you in 2018!

A few more impression from my Basel Zoo visit … a baby Hippo … (Picture taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV)
… a baby Indian Rhino … (Picture taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV)
… the male Lion … (Picture taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV)
… and a Carmine Bee-eater (Picture taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV)
5 May – A fantastic ‘Linzer-Torte’ made by one of good friends in Switzerland! (Picture taken with my iPhone 7 Plus)
6 May – A view of the Swiss Alps at Lake Sursee, Switzerland! (Picture taken with my iPhone 7 Plus)
6 May – My favorite cheese store in Zofingen, Switzerland! (Picture taken with my iPhone 7 Plus)
7 May … a very good Chinese dinner with my family 🙂 last night in Murg, Germany (Picture taken with my iPhone 7 Plus)

Europe 2017

Family | Friends | Lunches | Dinners | Ballet | Spring | Basel Zoo
Snow | Monet | Rodin | Zululand Presentation | Alps | Beyeler

What a trip!

These are a few pictures from my trip to Germany and Switzerland. I have arrived on 25 April and I will leave on 8 May (next Monday). Being with my family and many friends is great. I enjoy every minute even if my scale will tell a tough story once I get home 🙂

25 April – Arrival in Switzerland … (iPhone 6Plus)
26 April – Snow in April at my parents’ house … (iPhone 7Plus)
27 April – Dinner in Bad Saeckingen with my brothers and friends – just opposite the church … (iPhone 7 plus)
28 April – Presentation about ‘ZULULAND – Wildlife and People in South Africa’ in Switzerland … (Pictures by Peter K. Weber)
29 April – Lunch at one of my favorite restaurants – ‘The Old Swiss House’ in Lucerne, Switzerland (with my favorite Schnitzel dish) … (iPhone 7 Plus)
30 April – A sunny day with a beautiful view of the Alps … (iPhone 7 Plus)
1 May – An excellent ballet evening at the Zurich Opera House – world class performance… (iPhone 7 Plus)
1 May – ‘Quintett’ Ballet at the Zurich Opera House … (iPhone 7 Plus)
2 Mai – A freshly picked blooming peony – Spring is on the way… (iPhone 7 Plus)
3 May – Enjoying a ‘Monet’ exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation near Basel (me with one of my favorite Monet paintings)… (iPhone 7 Plus)
3 Mai – Rodin and Monet – two of my favorites …. (iPhone 7 Plus)
4 Mai – A visit at the Basel Zoo – their new Elephant exhibit is impressive… (Canon 1D Mark IV)
4 May – What a colorful bird from Australia … (Canon 1D Mark IV)
4 May – A restaurant with a view at the Basel Zoo … (Canon 1D Mark IV)

… and for the food lovers among you here a list of just a few dishes from all the lunches and dinners, so far …

  • Creamy asparagus soups
  • Mushroom and vegetable risottos
  • Local venison with hand-made ‘Spaetzle’
  • ‘Old Swiss House’ veal schnitzel with noodles
  • Peking Duck
  • Local beef, cooked to perfection, with roasted potatoes and salad
  • ‘Zurich Geschnetzeltes’ with roesti
  • German sausage salad
  • Home made spaghetti bolognese
  • ‘Muinch Weisswuerste’ with fresh pretzels
  • ‘Meringue Glace’
  • ‘Panna Cotta’
  • Pavlova with raspberries and passion fruit

I love health food 🙂

More to come ….