I had finally time to deliver the first batch of goodies to the crèche.

The kids and their volunteer teacher Lungy Philile were delighted about their new tables, crayons, paper, educational toys, balls, large trash container and plastic boxes to store everything in. They especially loved the 11 baby animal posters with names in isiZulu and in English.

I also delivered a nice food hamper for Lungy as a thank you for her volunteer work with the children.

Next I am planning to get them a large white board, pens, more educational games and some outside play equipment (eg swings).

I will keep you updated.

Thanks again for all the generous donations many of you have sent which enable me to help!

About the crèche:

With the help of some guests’ donations Thanda Safari has built this little school house. It is now run by a community committee without the help of any public funds. A volunteer teacher is looking after the – up to 30 – two to four year old kids. This crèche is located in one of the poorest areas of Zululand.

Ten days in pictures …

Sun | Speed | Mamba | Relax | Cross | Wet | Rain | Walk | Anger | Lazy | Color

One picture per day …

For the last ten days I hosted a private photography safari guest on Thanda Safari. The lady from Switzerland had booked nine nights of private photo drives and photo lessons. These are a few of the best pictures which I took during her stay. We had a great time!

I hope you like my summary for these 10 days.

For many more pictures please subscribe to my Instagram channel (ChristianSperkaPhotography).

Monday – Day 1 | A beautiful Thanda Safari sunset | Canon 1D Mark IV – f4 – 500mm L

Tuesday – Day 2 | A speed run after a Wildebeest resulting in a kill | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28- 300mm

Wednesday – Day 3 | The Green Mamba 1 at Thanda’s largest waterhole | iPhone 7 Plus

Thursday – Day 4 | Lion cubs relaxing in the warm morning sun | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28- 300mm

Friday – Day 5 | An Elephant her crossing the Mduna River | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300mm L

Saturday – Day 6 | A wet Brown-hooded Kingfisher at the kuMasinga hide on Mkuze Game Reserve | Canon 1D Mark – f4 – 500mm L

Sunday – Day 7 | Vervet Monkey on a rainy day | Canon 1D Mark IV – f4 – 500mm L

Monday – Day 8 | Little Elephant and her mum walking towards my vehicle | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300mm

Tuesday – Day 9 | Angry dad! A male Lion telling a youngster to keep his distance | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300mm L

Wednesday – Day 10 | A lazy Cheetah male in the early morning | Canon 1D Mark IV – f4 – 500mm L

Extra | One of my favorite shots: A Knob-thorn tree and a Giraffe in the morning light | Canon 1D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300mm L

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