Giraffe male on the way to a waterhole at sunset.

Giraffes are multiple record holders. They are the tallest living terrestrial animals and the largest ruminants. They feature the longest tails and the largest eyeballs compared to all other land mammal.

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… are found in eastern and south-eastern Africa.

Alternative names used are Yellow Weaver, Olive-headed Golden Weaver, and African Golden Weaver.

Males use their beaks to weave nests and the females choose their mates based on the males’ weaving skills.

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… are very attractively marked and are one of the *Small Five* (Ant Lion, Leopard Tortoise, Elephant Shrew, Rhino Beetle and Buffalo Weaver).

They are often seen on roads just before or during rain. This morning I took this picture with my iPhone, just a few hours after last night’s rainfall.

Unlike most land tortoises, which tend to sink when they fall into water, this species actually likes to swim.

They are one of my favorite *Ectotherms*!

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One of my favorite pictures taken this week: A *Lioness* having an evening drink.

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… and a few extras from the same sighting …

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A few days ago I took this picture of a male Lions as he was resting on the road crossing our savanna.

A ‘King of the Animals’ pose by one of my favorite cats.

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As we were observing one of our male Lions I spotted two small birds coming and going just off the side of our vehicle.

As I follow the female with my binoculars I saw two orange spots on the ground. To my surprise these were two little Chestnut-backed Sparrow-lark chicks wanting food.

For the next 15 minutes we observed the birds around the nest, ignoring the ‘king of the jungle’ 😊

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A (not so) friendly neighbor at the door!

The presence of *Scorpions* is one of the reasons why one should never walk around barefoot or with open shoes and never without light at night.

These small, but fierce creatures, can defend themselves by administering a painful – and in some cases deadly – sting. Any reaction usually lasts up to 10 days. For most scorpions these are usually minor and go away without complications. Severe stings can cause more pain, fever, and muscle aches for a few days.

The genus Parabuthus contains some deadly scorpions. There are a few species that are potentially life threatening and all the others will ruin your week.

If a Scorpion has a thin tail compared to its pincers then it is usually fairly harmless. If it has a thick tail and small pictures (like Patabuthus) then it is usually highly venomous.

So the one in this picture, which sat in front of my room, looks more fierce then it is 😊

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Leopards (Panthera pardus) are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List because they are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation, and numbers are declining globally.

Often hunted illegally their body parts are smuggled in the wildlife trade for medicinal practices and decoration.

This is one of my favorite Leopard portraits which I took many years ago.

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This Red-billed Oxpecker was ‘baby sitting’ and probably having lunch on top of this small Cape Buffalo.

An adult Oxpecker will take docents of blood-engorged ticks, or thousand of larvae in a day.

But their preferred food is blood. That is the reason why they often peck on mammal’s wounds to keep them open.

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