Being the resident wildlife photographer, locked down on Thanda Safari, I went on a game drive this afternoon to bring a few animal images from this beautiful place to your home.

I hope you enjoy this special photographic game drive. All the pictures were taken today.

Have a good evening 😊

White Rhino Baby
Mum and Cub
Lion Cub
Male Cheetah
Created Guineafowl
Giraffe chewing a bone
Male Lion
Cape Buffalo
Little Zebra
Kudu Bull

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The giant eggs – from one of which this little one hatched a short while ago – are the largest of any living bird (15cm long and weighing as much as two dozen chicken eggs).

Ostrich eggs are incubated by the dominant female by day and by the male by night and the chicks hatch after 35 to 45 days.

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