‘This is Zululand, not Disneyland!’ There are no guarantees for good sightings during a game drive. To get those one needs three ingredients: Good Weather, Luck and Skill. But any amount of skill cannot make up for a day with bad weather and no luck.

This afternoon was such a time. Despite an early start we saw very little. A few Kudus, some Giraffes, and a juvenile Crowned Eagle were all we got once we returned to Thanda House. Nevertheless we enjoyed the afternoon, driving through the rolling hills of Zululand.

Stay home and stay safe 😊

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Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill – also know as Mr. Banana Beak 😊

Yellow-Billed Hornbills sometimes forage co-operatively with Dwarf Mongooses, catching food that the mongooses scratch up from the ground. In return, the hornbills alert the mongooses to danger from overhead raptors.

Stay home and stay safe!

#Thandasafari @thandasafari #christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography