I spent this morning on the savanna and a nearby waterhole.

It was a beautiful morning and I got some good shots of small and large creatures 😊

This is a short video slideshow with the images.

Enjoy them, stay home and stay safe!

For the complete video go to https://youtu.be/sRVoehLYDHk

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These two juvenile Lions are part of a group of six youngsters (3 females and 3 males) which have formed a new pride structure in the western part of the reserve.

Their mothers have separated themselves because they are either pregnant or have already given birth to new litters.

The two dominant males on the Thanda are not related to these youngsters. It is therefore in these young Lions’ interest – especially the males – to stay out of the way of the male coalition.

The only real constant in Lions’ family structures is the constant change!

Stay home and stay safe.

All six …

#Thandasafari @thandasafari #christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography