Cheetah Care!

One of Thanda Safari’s male Cheetah injured his leg a few weeks ago. Since then he and his coalition partner are in a boma (enclosed area with full room service!) to allow the leg to heal. On the weekend the Thanda wildlife team and the attending veterinarian Dr.Trevor Viljoen with his team took additional X-rays and discussed continued treatment. The uninjured Cheetah was watching the proceedings with interest and with a few snarls.

When these two males arrived at Thanda in June 2018, the wildlife team kept them together in a boma for quite a while where they bonded successfully into a coalition. They were then released onto the reserve and have stayed together since then. Individuals in such Cheetah coalitions have a much greater chance of surviving the pressures of other large predators.

Have a good evening and stay safe!

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There are the Big Five and then the Small Five. Leopard Tortoises are my favorite of the Small Five. Can you name the other four?

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