THE EVENING POST – Thanda Cats Book

Now available for delivery world-wide!

Recently I had quite a few questions regarding my Thanda Cats coffee table book. Besides being available for purchase at Thanda Safari’s curio shops I can also send it to you wherever you are in the world.

Click here to have a look at some sample spreads from the large, 108 page, high quality, soft cover, 30x30cm, 12×12″ book. Also for price/shipping information and/or to order the book:

It is all about Thanda Safari’s Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs.

PS: I took the title page picture, the ‘Bird Watching Lioness’, in April 2013.


Spotted Hyenas often look like they are laughing. But fierce competition within their species and pressure from Lions provide very few reasons for laughter. I love to watch these incredible creatures, the leaders of nature’s clean up crew 😊

Have a good Wednesday!

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