One of the most dangerous animals to meet on foot is a solitary male Buffalo. These so called ‘Dugaboys’ are usually in a bad mood. They are old males which are no longer with their herds, as they had been under too much pressure from younger bulls.

They usually spend their remaining days close to waterholes feeding on soft vegetation and using the waterhole’s mud to cool down and fend off parasites. As they were gregarious all their life they seem to dislike to be alone. Being constantly harassed by predators like Lions and Hyena they are ready to attack anyone that comes near them without any warning.

All of this, combined with their instinctive fear of humans, results in some of the most ‘interesting’ meetings in the wild.

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My favorite eagle, the Bateleur, has a French name which stands for ‘Tide Rope Walker’ or more freely translated juggler or acrobat (German: Gaukler / Zulu: iNgqungqulu). Due to its very short tail it got a very distinct way of flying which probably led to this rather unusual name.

It is the most colorful of the eagles in Africa. At Thanda we are at the Southern end of its distribution range and we are lucky to see them regularly on the reserve.

I realize that I have neglected my bird posts a bit over the last few weeks, but I will try to do better in the future 😊.

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Male and Female

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