This Black-backed Jackal enjoyed his left-overs breakfast of an Impala kill. Our arrival had conveniently spooked a Hyena and all the Vultures who were feasting on the antelope remains. So this little one moved right in and got his fair share 😊

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… since you heard from me about the Inkanyiso Crèche. Due to the country-wide COVID-19 crisis lockdown the Crèche is closed since March. But yesterday we delivered a lot of needed sanitizing materials and our teacher Lungi had started cleaning the crèche to prepare it for re-opening. We hope that this will be possible in the next few weeks.

Lungi is getting ready and is looking forward to welcoming back all the kiddies.

We would like to thank again all friends of the Inkanyiso Crèche around the world who enable us with their donations to help these children.

Thanda Safari guests and our followers on social media often ask about the possibility to help with donations. For more information you can contact or me at

Louise is project manager for the Thanda Foundation Trust who helps to coordinate the support for the crèche.

Any donation – small or large – helps to make the life of these little ones a bit better.

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Together with his coalition partner this Cheetah male was stalking Wildebeests. I was too far away with the wrong lenses ☹️ to get any usable images of the subsequent chase.

But all of us were very surprised when the two Cheetahs came running over the ridge the other way a few seconds later, being pursued by two agitated Zebras. The Cheetahs ran flat out into a nearby thicket and did not reappear for a long time. It was one of these situation when the predators better get out of the way of prey if they know what is good for them 😊

PS: Adult Zebras are too large to be prey for Cheetah but Zebra foals are very much on the menu list. Result: Angry Zebras

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