Close Encounters

Animals and Me

Most of the time I am keeping a respectful distance to most animals, normally behind a camera.

This is a collage of a few occasions when I changed sides. In front of the camera I had quite close contacts with various species, some at the Nashville Zoo, some at Thanda Private Game Reserve, some at Khamai Reptile Centre and some at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve.

I love these close encounters 🙂

In the picture (from top left to bottom right):
Clouded Leopard (Nashville Zoo), Red-tailed Boa (Nashville Zoo), Leopard (South Africa 2x), Tamandua (Nashville Zoo), Mozambique Spitting Cobra (Thanda), Black Rhino (Thanda Private Game Reserve), Scorpion (Thanda), Tamandua (South Africa), Boomslang (Khamai), Eurasian Lynx (Nashville Zoo), Clouded Leopard (Nashville Zoo 2x), Eurasian Lynx (Nashville Zoo), Rainbow Lorikeets (Nashville Zoo), Black Mamba (Khamai), African Rock Python (Khamai), Lion (Thanda), Badger (“My” horse on Pakamisa), Slinky and Bully (The two Pakamisa dogs), Red-tailed Boas (Nashville Zoo).

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